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  • Ben's Story

    A cancer diagnosis is undoubtedly one of scariest things you can hear from your doctor. For Ben R., the devastation was only compounded by the fact that he had just lost his best friend Dani to cervical cancer the month before. The two were married for 19 years but ultimately decided they were better off as friends. That friendship continued for over 43 years and ended when Ben saw Dani through her excruciating cancer battle that ultimately claimed her life. Ben recalls, “I was with her when the angels took her.”

    Shortly after Dani’s passing, Ben’s primary care physician recommended a biopsy of a lump on his neck that had recently appeared. The lump was not giving Ben any problems, but his doctor was concerned that it could be something sinister and worth investigating. The biopsy revealed there was cancer in his lymph nodes and that the lump was “maliciously malignant.” Ben was referred to Dr. Paul Davis for additional work-up and testing. Ben recalls the first time he met Dr. Davis, “From the moment that I walked in his office, I never once questioned the fact that he would find the cancer, get it out, and give me the right treatments and that those treatments would work. He made that promise to me and he kept his promise.” Dr. Davis’ investigations led to the discovery of an additional tumor on the back of Ben’s tongue. He then proposed surgery to remove the tumors followed by a series of radiation treatments.

    Dr. Davis was eager to help Ben who, although he had suffered such a tremendous loss and witnessed unbearable suffering, was whole-heartedly committed to fighting his own cancer. As Ben puts it, “I love life. I love sunrises and sunsets, warm days and rainy days. I just love life.” and “I knew God had a plan for me, but I also had faith that it included more living.” Ben’s optimistic outlook made him a favorite of all the doctors, nurses, speech therapists, and other staff that crossed his path during his surgery, radiation treatments, and rehabilitation. His incessantly playful banter further endeared him to the staff. For Ben, joking was a strategy to keep the mood light-hearted and remain positive even during difficult situations. Right before his first surgery on January 2nd, he jokingly inquired first of Dr. Davis and then of the whole operating room whether they were completely in control of their capacities and not still recovering from New Year’s Eve celebrations. He also shockingly spoke almost immediately after having his breathing tube removed in the ICU after surgery. Just moments before, the nurse advised Ben, “Mr. Robinson, don’t try to speak, you won’t be able to talk” to which Dr. Davis replied, “You don’t know our rock star, he’ll be able to speak.” And much to the surprise of everyone in the room, he did just that. At one appointment, Ben advised the receptionist that she should let LeeAnne, one of the physician assistants, know he was there and that he was waiting on his coffee—a little inside joke they had. She arrived minutes later with his coffee just the way he liked it as everyone in the waiting room whispered about who this important person must be. Ben also failed to mention to the speech pathologists that he taught speech for years until after several of their sessions. Ben says he “played dumb” even though he knew most of the exercises they were doing with him. When the speech therapists found out he was an accomplished speech communication teacher and veteran of the theater, they were excited to ask his opinion about things and take his advice into account. Ben also joked about the side effects from his radiation treatments with Dr. Davis and said, “The one good thing out of it is that I don’t have to shave as much.” Ben became forever referred to as “the rock star” because of this incredible spirit and his constant politeness and positivity in light of the great struggles he was going through.

    Ben, on the other hand, wholeheartedly credits Dr. Davis and the rest of staff with his tremendously positive outcome. He affectionately referred to them as “my team” and went on to say that they have become like family. Ben states, “If I had to rate my overall experience, I couldn’t give you one because there’s not a high enough rating. And I don’t just throw wind out there. I sincerely mean that.” He was also genuinely impressed with Dr. Davis’ ability to remain focused, optimistic, and determined even though he sees many of his patients through some of the scariest days of their lives. As he says, “Dr. Davis is a quiet man, and not at all arrogant, but he also has such a strong spirit and that made me completely confident in him and his ability. And it didn’t hurt that he had a good sense of humor too.” Ben was even more impressed with Dr. Davis’ concern and willingness to address the side effects he was experiencing from the surgery and subsequent radiation treatments and his desire to return Ben’s life back to as normal as possible. Ben summed it up perfectly when he said, “I can’t praise them enough. And like I told Dr. Davis last time I was there, ‘You saved my life. You gave me more life.’” Dr. Davis was grateful for Ben’s kind words and says, “Ben endured the very difficult treatment for his cancer with grace and courage. He continues to be a source of inspiration for us all.”

  • Jenna's Story

    People are often quick to complain about the service they receive at a restaurant, in a store or even at a doctor’s office. But it is rare nowadays that a person takes the time to give positive feedback on the treatment they have received. Jenna M. stands out in that she will go out of her way if she encounters somebody doing their job exceptionally well to give them the praise they deserve. As she says, “If you impress me, I go above and beyond to make sure that you get recognition for it.”

    Jenna’s favorite doctor, the one to whom she says, “I will give my highest kudos,” is Greenville ENT’s Dr. Mike Cooter. And her opinion should be more than trusted because it’s vetted with her 11 years of experience working in the health care industry where she is currently a patient service representative. When she was 25 years old, Jenna was in and out of her primary care doctor’s office for recurring ear and sinus infections. “I had an ear infection or sinus infection, no lie, every month,” she recalled. Her mom Betty, who is also a patient of Dr. Cooter’s, recommended her to him because she, “only wanted the best for her daughter.” Jenna was immediately, “so captivated by his bedside manner.” Dr. Cooter recommended that she have her tonsils and adenoids removed and also have a sinus surgery performed. He walked her through what the procedures would entail and what kind of recovery she could expect. Jenna said she asked a lot of questions, but that Dr. Cooter took the time to answer every one. “He doesn’t belittle you. If you have a question, even if it seems insignificant, he takes that question and he answers it to the smallest detail and explains everything,” Jenna stated. She went on to say, “He always talks to you, not over you or down to you. He’s always present in that room with you and never seems distracted or ready to move on to his next appointment.”

    Early in 2021, Jenna came back to see Dr. Cooter for a chronic runny nose. The condition was only exacerbated when she wore her mask each day at work. Jenna said, “I just felt horrible about having this problem around the patients I saw each day” and continued to say she was “desperate to get it under control.” Dr. Cooter determined that Jenna was a good candidate for a new, non-invasive cryotherapy procedure called Clarifix that treats rhinitis and the nasal drainage associated with it. In this procedure, which can often be performed in the office, nerve endings at the back of the nose are treated topically with liquid nitrogen. This treatment “silences” the nerve endings that research has shown are associated with rhinitis. Once again, Dr. Cooter went over all the positives that could come out of the procedure as well as all the side effects and risks. “He’s always been a straight up guy and honestly that’s what I appreciate about him,” Jenna commented and continued, “I was struggling and he understood that and really wanted to help me out.” Jenna described Dr. Cooter’s nurse long-time Tracy as “just wonderful” and remarked “Tracy had a hand in making sure everything went smoothly with my scheduling and my recovery."

    Dr. Cooter can also be described as a “stand up guy” and “always present” outside of the office as well. A born and bred Greenvillian and dad of three children, he has always been highly involved in the community alongside his wife of 27 years Amy. Dr. Cooter has coached his kids’ sports team teams, served as a Boy Scout troop leader and church youth group leader, is a former President of Greenville Little League, and has attended countless performances for his youngest son Andrew who is an accomplished young actor and vocalist. Although a Duke graduate, he’s recently found himself rallying behind the Clemson Tigers where his two oldest children have attended college. Dr. Cooter also loves dabbling in cycling and has thoroughly enjoyed the rise of Greenville’s cycling scene although you will currently find him training for a half marathon. Often times people refer to him as the guy they went to high school with or the dad of one of their children’s friends or a tailgating buddy and forget all together that he is also a hardworking physician. While Jenna could not sing Dr. Cooter’s praises louder as she states, “I am 110% satisfied with my outcomes from all the things he has treated me for,” Dr. Cooter remains modestly content in all he has been able to do for Jenna over the years as he concedes, “I hope to advise and treat all of my patients, including Jenna, as if they were someone in my family, and it always gives me the greatest satisfaction to share in my patient’s happiness when I have a solution for their problem.”

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